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Lighting a candle symbolizes love and warmth. It is a quiet but ever-present tradition that transcends all borders, philosophies and times.

Every candle is hand-poured in the Netherlands, with great care and attention.

L’Aimé uses a gentle blend of natural oils, sourced from world-renowned perfumers in Grasse. Each candle carries its own unique fragrance, and is named with a separate wish.

350g - 25 hours burn time

Colour: Autumn Yellow

Bois De Saffron Scent 

Top notes:      Spicy, saffron, Peach
Heart Notes:  Pink Camelia, Patchouli, Orris Touch Nagarmotha
Base notes:    Amber, Sandalwood

Dimensions:  h10 x d11 x w11 cm

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