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Louise Damas creates timeless jewelry, made to be worn everyday and that we never tire of, year after year. Unique pieces, handcrafted in Paris and designed to be true jewelry box essentials.

Lodged in the hollow of your neck, this mystical-looking necklace acts as a talisman to ensure harmony and! This six-sided necklace combines colorful enamel and hand-engraved designs for a captivating result. Your new favorite gri-gri.

  • The Air necklace was created by hand in workshop in Paris.
  • The design is made of recycled tin gilded with 24k gold.
  • The pendant has 6 sides.
  • Two sides have engravings and two sides have blue, white, pink and orange colored enamel.
  • The chain is made of brass with 24k gold plating.
  • The necklace measures 38cm and has a 3cm adjustment chain.
  • Each piece is therefore unique by its irregularity, and its slightly imperfect curves.

Care instruction:
The jewels also need to take a break, put them in their case before going to bed. You’ll find them dazzling the next day, after your beauty routine.

Don’t let them have a bath, but if they escape your attention, rub them with talc and a soft cloth to keep their radiance. Even if they’re scared of water, they can be cleaned with alcohol (rubbed, not chardonnay) and a soft cloth.

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